Welcome to Rock-on-Wye Studio’s

A small fully sound proofed building, houses this two room Music Studio which has a separate Control Room and Live Room.

The Live Room


The Studio was designed by technicians who had worked at famous major international studio`s and follows their use and blending of analogue and digital systems.

The studio is able to create a distinctive warm sound.

Control Room: A 24 track ALLEN&HEATH desk enables upto 8 players to be recorded at once. PROTOOLS digital audio workstation is used. A massive Hemplan Design Computer containing two in line Delta 1010’s holds the digital data. A range of top software are used. WAVES- a complete set of these world leading programmes for Compression, EQ,Reverb and Mastering. Also CSR Reverb. Back up by LaCie Porshe. Control by Presonus. Signal routing by Mackie . Monitoring by KRK Rockit 8`s and Presonus Near Field.

Max Wilson follows a take

Live Room: Input by VanDamme . A set of ROLAND TD-20 digital drums are in house and normally used for accuracy and use of space. A Behringer Powerplay headphone amplifier can supply 4 players. Headphones are by AKG and Sennheiser. A choice of amplifiers is available- Fender Sidekick, Marshall Accoustic, Laney TF 300 for Bass or Treble, VOX VX1 Guitar Amp. Vocal Microphone is a RODE NTK. Accoustic drums can be accommodated. We advise the best results are obtained using in house equipment.

Ali Strong sets up a mix

Artists who have used the Studio’s:

Songwriter Max Wilson, Guitarist Lyndon Robbins, Mice Take The Elevator – Rock Band, The Boomer Brothers-Country Band, Songwriter / Producer Justin Jones, The Positive Tinker-Folk Singer.

Rock-on-Wye Studio`s offers the following services:

A&R- Assessment, Advice, Industry contact.
Production – Recording, Mixing and Mastering.
Repertoire- Songwriting , material.
Note: The organisation is not suitable for the genres Hiphop or Rap.

Examples of material made at this studio- Recorded and/or mastered.

Folk: “The Last Lighthouse Keeper”/Wilson

Artist:The Positive Tinker

Pop: “Scary Scary Love”/Wilson

Artist: Square Wheels.

Blues: “When A White Boy Sings The Blues”/Wilson

Artist:Mice Take The Elevator

Rock: “Rock My World”/Wilson

Artist:Mice Take The Elevator

Indie Rock: “Lucky Strike”/Robbins

Artist:Lyndon Robbins


Session Musicians available.

Percussion, Drums: Mr Alistair Strong B.A(Mus).
Bass player:…………

These  skilled players available at attractive rates.



Tel : 01989-750080 (answerphone)

Email: info@rockonwyestudios.co.uk